Graeme Payne's Seelands Studio Gallery

Previous Works

My clients have recently purchased a range of original artworks

Australian mammal painting by graeme payne artist grafton nsw
Red-necked Wallaby with Joey
king parrots by graeme payne artist grafton nsw
Australian King Parrots
Riflebird painting Australia, by graeme payne, grafton nsw
Paradise Riflebirds
Worldwide wildlife destruction Australian artist, art gallery grafton nsw
Torn Canvas
Donald Bradman painting by australian artist Graeme Payne of SEELANDS studio gallery, Grafton NSW
Bradmin Inspiration
Australian wrens painting by Graeme Payne, artist nsw
Variegated Fairy-wrens
Australian Bird Painting by Graeme Payne, Artist, grafton art gallery, NSW
Lorikeets in Silky Oak
Australian native birds painting & artwork by NSW artist Graeme Payne
Lorikeets, Rosellas and Willie Wagtail
Australian lorikeet wildlife painting by artist Graeme Payne, Grafton NSW